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Innovative Technology & Sponsorship ProgramsTransforming How Companies Value Human Capital

Key Challenges in Business Today

To Be fulfilled, Employees Want

  • To be seen, heard and valued
  • To have the opportunity for growth and advancement within an organization

To be Successful, Employers Need

  • To promote diversity & inclusion and the advancement of women & other underrepresented groups.
  • To empower, engage & nurture talent within the new paradigm of remote working conditions.

To Be fulfilled, Employees Want

  • How can these wants and needs both be met?
  • How can this be accomplished in the new post-pandemic economy?
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What Makes Sandboxx Both Unique And Effective Is It's Foundation In The Unique Principles Of Sponsorship And What We Call The Four Pillars:

What we can help you with?

Our Innovative Technology and Sponsoship Programs Help Your Organization With:

Advancement of Woman

Breaking the mold explores the shadow side of the patriarchy that enmeshes women in today’s corporate cultures and leverages the powerful relationship between sponsor and sponsoree to advance personally and professionally.

Diversity & Inclusion

Exposing the unconscious bias at the individual and company level, in order to create a diverse and inclusive workforce that will positively impact the company’s bottom line.

Remote Working

Were connection is lacking, we create meaningful connections that will transform the productivity and engagement of employees with the organization.

High Potential Employee Development

Advocacy is at the heart of this program that helps propel a company’s future leadership talent.

Get The Results You Want!

Group of diverse people standing in front of a brick wall
More Inclusive Company that make better desisions & more money
Better Remote Working Strategies
More Engagement & Productivity
Improved Talent Acquisition & Retention

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