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About Us

Accelerating Leadership

 Sandboxx is a simple-to-use tool that helps companies accelerate leadership by matching senior leaders with sponsorees using our unique sponsorship technology.  Sponsorship is proven to be the most effective way to advance women, high potentials, and under-represented groups while impacting the entire culture and bottom line of the organization. 

Unique Principles of Sponsorship

The Sandboxx App helps to create inclusive corporate cultures  by matching senior leaders (sponsors) with sponsorees to:    


  •   Increase employee inclusion
  • Significantly impact employee retention, attraction, and succession 
  • Improve the overall employee experience in the company
  • Grow productivity
  • Boost profits
  • Implement a proven method of success to your inclusion and diversity strategy

The Sandboxx App

It does this using a unique feature set which includes:

  • The best possible matches automatically generated through unique profiling questions and matching algorithms
  • Reduces unconscious biases through automatically generated matches
  • Alleviates administrative, logistical and project management overwhelm – with only 3 to 5 automatically generated suggested matches, everything is faster, simpler and manageable
  • Online training resources to drive a successful sponsor / sponsoree relationship after the successful match

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