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Fully Featured Platform

Enjoy the power of a full-featured technology platform that allows you to seamlessly manage your Sponsorship / Mentoring programs so they can be deployed more widely and to larger groups.

Automated Profile Matching

Allows for your users to complete profiles which are used to automatically match participants together using our proprietary matching algorithms.

Tracks Engagement and Progress

Push notifications tailored to your program gently remind user to engage and complete milestones.  Data responses are collected and reported to you.

The Best Results

Tested with companies ranging from 10,000 employees to over 300,000 the Sandboxx App is used in real-world settings to advance leadership and inclusion in some of the world’s largest corporations.

The Sandboxx Is Offering Pilots For Companies Interested In Accelerating Leadership.

See how you can match senior leaders with sponsorees using our unique sponsorship technology. Maximize the potential of your organization by advancing women, high potentials, and under-represented groups while impacting your entire culture and bottom line.

Meet Our Team
Leslie Strong, Chief Equality Officer

Leslie Strong, Chief Equality Officer

Inequality just doesn’t make sense to Chief Equality Officer Leslie Strong. Growing up with 2 older brothers, 4 years in the beer business and 2 years in manufacturing, Leslie realized early on that inequality was an issue she just could not longer step around, and therefore made it her mission to impact it.

Greg De Koker, Chief Engagement Officer

Greg De Koker, Chief Engagement Officer

Chief Engagement Officer Greg de Koker brings an exceptional range of talent to the Company–from high-level creativity to brand strategy that breaks through the clutter to his relentless dedication to purpose, passion, clarity, consistency and the truth.

Client Management
Lisa Broderick, CEO Consultant

Lisa Broderick, CEO Consultant

Lisa Broderick is an accomplished senior executive whose career has been defined by understanding how communication impacts society and changes behavior. From her early days spent at Apple Computer, Lisa has often been at the forefront of using communication tools to help transform people and social behavior.

We currently have 500 potential users
Wait-list of 30,000 potential users
We have 5 Pilots Underway
A Few Of Our Happy Customers
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About Us

Sandboxx is the easiest way to foster leadership and inclusion for any size organization.  It is when a senior leader (sponsor) is committed to the development and advancement of a sponsoree. Using the Sandboxx app, employees wishing to be sponsored are matched with senior leaders by filling out personal profile questions. Sandboxx then combines users abilities, skills, positions, and expectations, with other users abilities, skills, positions, and expectations to result in high quality, long lasting matches. This app is ideal for companies seeking to build relationships that promote leadership across departments, age groups, racial and gender groups and locations.