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Fully Featured Technology Platform

Enjoy the power of a fully-featured technology platform that allows you to seamlessly manage and scale your Sponsorship and Mentorship programs so they can be deployed more widely, more effectively and more successfully.

Detailed Profiles Ensure Great Matches

Program participants complete their profiles which are used to automatically match sponsors with sponsorees (or mentors with mentees).

Proprietary Matching Algorithm

Once profiles are completed, our proprietary matching algorithms automatically determine the best possible matches for sponsors and sponsorees (or mentors and mentees).  The App generates up to 5 best possible matches, and then it is up to the participants to choose their best possible match.

Special Admin Functionality

The Special Admin Functionality of the App allows the designated client’s admin team to monitor participants’ activity and progress during the program – including profile creations, profile completions, match requests, matches and unmatched requests.

Engagement and Progress Tracking

Custom Push Notification technology allows for customized notices, reminders and progress tracking to be delivered to the mobile device of any and all participants according to any schedule – to ensure that your program objectives are achieved.

In-App Feedback Collected

In-app Feedback feature allows for participants to answer questions on their mobile devices, where data is then collected, collated and reported back for ongoing monitoring of successful relationships.

About Us

Sandboxx is the easiest way to foster leadership and inclusion for any size organization.  It is when a senior leader (sponsor) is committed to the development and advancement of a sponsoree. Using the Sandboxx app, employees wishing to be sponsored are matched with senior leaders by filling out personal profile questions. Sandboxx then combines users abilities, skills, positions, and expectations, with other users abilities, skills, positions, and expectations to result in high quality, long lasting matches. This app is ideal for companies seeking to build relationships that promote leadership across departments, age groups, racial and gender groups and locations.