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Sponsorship vs. Mentorship                         

What does the Sandboxx App do?

The Sandboxx App helps to accelerate leadership, engagement and inclusion by matching senior leaders (sponsors) with sponsorees, and by helping them to build successful sponsor–sponsoree relationships. We do this using the unique principles of sponsorship.

What is Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is an advanced form of mentorship.  It’s when a senior leader (sponsor) is committed to the development and advancement of a sponsoree.  It’s also a 2-way, mutually beneficial relationship between the sponsor and sponsoree.

What are the key differences between Sponsorship and Mentorship?

A sponsor is a senior leader who believes in the sponsoree and their potential.  A sponsor is someone who:

  • Advocates for their sponsoree’s growth and advancement
  • Uses their reputation capital on behalf of their sponsoree
  • Expects a great deal from their sponsoree – specifically high performance and loyalty – as this is a 2-way relationship
  • Encourages their sponsoree to take risks and has their back
  • Invests in the future of the sponsoree, the organization and themselves

A mentor is an experienced person who is willing to help and support their mentee.  A mentor is someone who:

  • May or may not work for the same company as their mentee
  • Builds their mentee’s confidence and provides a sounding board
  • Offers empathy and an ear to their mentee
  • Expects very little in return from their mentee – as this is typically a 1-way relationship
  • Focuses primarily on listening to, as well as, advising the mentee

What are the benefits of Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is the most effective way to advance anyone in organizations – including high performers, high potential employees, new employees, women, minority groups, other under represented groups – anyone.

Sponsorship helps employees feel included, valued, respected and empowered.  Sponsorship helps to accelerate leadership, advancement and inclusion.  As a result, sponsorship drives employee engagement.

Employee engagement, in turn, drives significant business results, such as:

  • Better corporate culture
  • Higher employee retention
  • Higher employee attraction
  • Better customer service
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher profitability