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The Sandboxx App is a fully-featured technology platform which manages all aspects of mentoring/sponsorship programs

  • Allows for participants to complete profiles which are used to match sponsorees with sponsors
  • Once profiles are completed, proprietary matching algorithms automatically determine the best possible matches for all sponsors and sponsorees (up to 5 suggested matches)
  • Special Admin App allows HR to monitor participants – profile creations, profile completions, match requests, matches, and unmatch requests
  • Custom Push Notification technology allows for customized notices, reminders and progress questions to be delivered to the mobile device of any and all participants according to any schedule
  • In-app Feedback feature allows for participants to answer questions on their mobile devices, where data is then collected, collated and reported back to the pilot company for ongoing monitoring
  • App automatically unmatches all participants after a maximum of 6 months for the Pilot Program


Program Materials include all suggested (and customizable) meeting formats, questions, and evaluations to operate a successful mentoring/sponsorship program:

  • First Meeting – after matching, sponsor and sponsoree meet in-person or online to determine objectives
  • Follow-on Meetings –with program commencement, participants meet monthly either virtually or   in-person to review objectives, assess progress and determine next steps
  • Prior to Final Meeting – participants review the progress of objectives, discuss accomplishments and shortfalls, and complete Evaluation Form
  • Program Concludes – after 6 months of monthly meetings, participants review Evaluation Forms, provide each other with feedback, and celebrate accomplishments


Ongoing Data Reporting – gauges the success of the matches and overall program in real-time, including:

  • Reports on profiles created and completed
  • Reports on the status of match requests and matches
  • Reports on the status of meetings
  • Reports on successful achievement of objectives
  • Reports on the progress of relationship development of matched participants
  • Reports on final evaluations of the program


Technology Overview

  • The Sandboxx application is currently in pre-release development
  • It has been built and deployed for pilot purposes, using security, data integrity and privacy mechanisms suitable to the task of deploying it in a pilot test situation, anticipating further development prior to market release